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By Neta Sharp

Ladies in Hats Jewelry

These necklaces and earrings are our most popular item. These ladies are wearing hats in various cheerful colors. Their faces are: light brown; dark brown; tan; and white. Necklaces are 28"-32" long. Beeds are in several colors but predominate in blue or brown as you prefer. You can purchase earrings in any of the foregoing facial colors. They can be worn with a necklace or separately.

Each necklace may be purchased for $35 and a pair of earrings is $11.
An enlarged photo of our hat ladies may be viewed by cliking on photo 8. If you prefer black and white hats please click on photo 3.

NEW!! Ladies in RED HATS!

We now have red hat ladies strung on purple beads which should interest all of you wonderful "red hat club" ladies!

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