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By Neta Sharp

Butterfly Jewelry

The butterfly necklace has a special meaning to us. In the past 4 years we have created hundreds of butterflies in memory of our son a Navy jet pilot, who was killed in a jet training accident. The Compassionate Friends, a national support group, has unofficially adopted the butterfly as a symbol of hope that our deceased children, whatever their religion or faith, are now in a state of greater "happiness." We are not sure what to expect in the hereafter, but we have a belief that the butterfly is an appropriate symbol due to its freedom and beauty. Butterfly necklaces are $35. Earrings are $11.

Our son's Navy "call"sign was "Notso". At the time of his death we had been experimenting with the clay. He was very enthusiastic and supportive and loved the things we made. Thus we have named our small company "Notso" Ordinary Jewelry by Neta.

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